How I Got Rid of Impotence

I have never thought that I will write my own “man’s” article about terrible performance, lost sexual drive and libido. When I was younger, the issue of ED gave the impression of something indefinite and ambiguous that occurs typically when men grow old. Can you imagine how shocked I was when I couldn’t make it once, twice and went on failing like that for some time? I’m only 40, but the fact I have got this condition makes me feel old, to be honest.

My partner has been sympathetic at first, but then I saw that my lack of ability to receive and preserve erections began bothering her even more than me, and that’s where I began being disturbed a lot. Everyday hassle when doing business and occasionally at home, drinks with friends on Friday evenings, lots of smoking, shortage of sleep and lots of burgers and chips consumed by me during my whole life have all of a sudden turned into a vast problem I had to deal with almost immediately.

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